One comment on “Amazon finally realizes Australia has electricity, internet, geeks

  1. Sadly, when you’re working in financial services with organisations large enough to have in-house counsellors who have nothing better to do than justify their positions, Australian-based data storage becomes mandatory.

    Even with Safe Harbor legislation, its easy for them to point to examples in the media where companies have had their servers pulled from overseas datacentres because of non-compliance with some piece of law from that country, even when that company has seemingly been in compliance with local law.

    As developers, we all understand that there is no such thing as safe, secure data when any part of the machine touches the Internet. We are used to dealing with the probability of data theft. But the average company is just too parochial.

    At the very least, AWS in Australia means faster access times and a location where you can guarantee more performant equipment (because it is all brand new… one of the more unpublished facts is that the Eastern USA AWS servers are a bit of a lucky-dip when it comes to equipment performance due to age)… and the prices are similar to the South-East Asian locations.

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