JQueryUI Themes are fiddly (if you’re ignorant)

JQueryUI has updated, and I want to take advantage of one of the new features (the response event for auto complete, fired after a search result is returned but before the menu is displayed), which means updating to the new version of JQuery… And re-creating my theme.

Now, “Luckily” I’m constrained in the colours I can use by another developer’s choices (I have to look pretty in their page, and was directed to use their colour scheme exactly), but that still left me with the prospect of trying to remember all the damn colour values, shades, effects and additional wunkery to apply, a prospect of slow revision over several hours, and not one I was looking forward too anymore then I’d look forward to being repeatedly slammed up against a large, moist, shaved yak covered in flaming mashed bananas. Bananas are fucking repulsive.

Reading through the CSS file produced last time, though, I don’t have too! Line 50 of jquery-ui-1.8.23.custom.css contains this gem:

To view and modify this theme, visit http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/?ffDefault=Verdana,%20Arial,%20sans-serif&fwDefault=normal&fsDefault=1.1em&cornerRadius=6px&bgColorHeader=444444&blahblahblah.......

That link takes you to the theme roller, with all your previous settings, ready to download suitable for the latest version of JQueryUI.

Fucking. Rad.


  1. Hope you run your JS through a minimiser to remove the comment from the content getting downloaded to your end-user. :-P

    • Dylan says:

      I haven’t, actually. I think the size savings wouldn’t be very significant.

      Perhaps if I was concerned about them glomming my UI specifications, but that’s not really a concern.

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