Open Source

What is it?

A library to return the name and branding colour of a bank by the first few digits of a card number.  It will also help you generate CSS files to use.

What is it good for?

Changing the colours on a billing page to match the user’s banking colours, making you look impressively switched on (and maybe a little creepy).

Is there a demo?

There Sure Is.

What issues does it have?

There are only entries for users which have contributed them, so some banks will be unmatched (unless you contribute!).

Users may think you’re stealing their credit card information, despite the fact that they’re literally about to give it too them.

How do I…

Install it? npm install banks-db

Ensure my bank is present?  Like So.

Use it from Javascript?  Got you covered.

Get the docs and source?  Right Here.